Emma-Lee – ‘Figure It Out’ | Music Video

Canadian singer-songwriter, Emma-Lee brightens the day with her new feelgood single, “Figure It Out.” Featured on her sophomore album Backseat Heroine, the follow up to 2009’s Never Just a Dream, the catchy track is a confidence-boosting, carefree celebration that eschews all the negatives of stress and worries, encouraging a mantra of just “figuring it out.”

Shot on location at Meloche’s No Frills grocery store and restaurant in Amherstburg, Ontario, the video features an impressive cast and crew of local talent from the Windsor area and is directed by Gavin Michael Booth. Fun, colourful and well-choreographed, it bursts to life in a supermarket, as Emma-Lee sings her way out of an unsatisfying relationship with her on-screen boyfriend, as customers, store attendants and passers-by join in the action to indulge in some fruit bowling and extravagant dance routines.

If you’re a fan of big, unabashed poppy numbers, the optimistic “Figure It Out” should help you do just that — providing a song to help tackle the problems and issues that need tackling.

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