Ellie Goulding performs “Anything Could Happen” on Good Morning America | TV Catch-Up


Quietly winning over American audiences one stage at a time, this week Brit singer and electro princess Ellie Goulding took her mesmerising sound to the Good Morning America studio to wake the U.S. up with a live performance of her single “Anything Could Happen.”

The performance was a part of the Winter Concert Series, and comes amidst her month-long American tour which started out in Miami on Jan 16th, and now sees her in New York promoting the album Halcyon.

Speaking on her crossover from Britain to the U.S., Goulding says, “It’s very strange, but I think America sees me as way cooler. I guess I made people (in England) think I was this pop singer — which, to an extent, I am. But America saw me as a projection of me that I always wanted. That’s why I love going to America so much. I feel like I started off in America exactly how I wanted to start everywhere.”

Watch her GMA performance below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtC_DinLOo4]