Ed Sheeran launches Paw Print Records, with re-releases on their way | Music News

In a smart and savvy business move critically acclaimed artist Ed Sheeran, who’s first official album + debuted at number one on the UK Albums Charts, has announced that he has launched his very own record label. On November 21st the talented songwriter took to his Twitter account and sent out two tweets alluding to the big news…

Well Ed kept to his promise, be it a day earlier then first stated, when a few hours ago he finally declared that had created his own independent record label, Paw Print Records and subsequently signed all of his old material to the company. The old material will be released over five EPs and will see the light of day on December 12th.

There have been many artists over the years, including Hip Hop artists Game and Rick Ross, who have been embroiled in heavy legal battles over the release of their old material, and a few years ago Lupe Fiasco took to his Twitter account to vent his frustration at his old material being released to the Internets, for free, with out his consent. 

This is definitely a smart move on Ed’s behalf. Congrats to you Mr. Sheeran.