Ed Sheeran: In Transit [Video]

Hold on, Ford are trying to get in on that music money now?! Ford?! Henry Ford and the mandem? And not even with a car that normal people who watch YouTube virals might actually buy (like a Focus for example). They’re using the Ford Transit. So let’s break this down – Ford are trying to sell transit vans using popular musicians. Is this entire marketing campaign basically aimed towards gigging indie bands?!

You’ve got to admire the beauty of Ed Sheeran singing the words “you need me man, I don’t need you” whilst presumably being handsomely compensated for singing a couple of tracks in a van as part of a broadly ridiculous marketing strategy from a corporate giant. And shouting out Mikhil Pane, Devlin and Wiley, then covering “Pass Out” and dropping his “they say I’m up and coming like I’m fucking in an elevator” bar. In a video for Ford, the international car manufacturing behemoth.

Ed, I liked you before but now, you’re genuinely my hero. “The A-Team” is out tomorrow.

For more Ford sessions from other bands and artists visit bandsintransit.com

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