Dwele. Out of the Box…

The thing is, nowadays, what with the whole recession thing going on and the fact that the internets is saturated with  people wanting to be the next big thing to come out of their bedroom, artists are constantly having to think of new ways to market themselves and re market themselves and get themselves in the faces of consumers… So what do you do? Well, if you’re the Dwele G, then it’s simple. Make a video asking people to subscribe to your ‘Imagination.’ What is this you ask?! Well… the Heavy D up in the soul scene is gonna make a video for each of his interludes on his most recent ‘Sketches of Man’ album. And this video (which I must add is 100 times better than some of the trash you see on ‘URBAN’ music channels) is the beginning of it all. Yeah, granted, Dwele does what he does best, telling you the deal on his ‘5 Dollar Mic’ without needing to rhyme every line, just giving you the real slick Dwele flow. Musical puritans shouldn’t bother with this video, or in fact any of his music. Progressive, open minded and funky-as-hell music lovers, read on. But, as ever, this guy is redefining soul music and the way it is consumed. He really couldn’t have picked a better platform than Youtube for this. I’ll save you all the garbage about how Youtube is the greatest thing since sliced bread and how many people have been signed  through it and how many hits it gets a day and what it has done for the music industry. But, we know that artists regularly use it as a promotional tool. This all said, Dwele’s idea is as fresh as his throwback gold chain.

Of course, there’s the bigger picture: is this what it has come to?! People now need to do this for recognition? Yes and No. No, because Dwele doesn’t need to do this, his music alone props him up high up and should be taken notice of. Yes, because of the industry as it currently stands and the need for visuals to go hand in hand with music, what with the saturation of music television channels on your screen (Again, not gonna go into it, you know the score).

To be honest, I’m glad that someone is giving interludes love. Some of my favourite tracks on albums are interludes. I remember thinking when listening to ‘A.N.G.E.L’ off his first that it should have been turned into a full track, and it still remains one of my favourite Dwele tracks to date. So instead of messing with the flow of an album, Dwele has decided that he’s gonna channel his creativity in other ways.

Not all singles should have videos in my mind…yet in this demanding industry, provided you have the budget, all singles HAVE to have videos. There are always some tracks on albums you wish had a video because they are your favourite. Dwele just seems to have flipped the script a little and will be giving us a different slant on it all. Visuals will always enhance a good album. With artists who have such integrity as the man himself seems to, we can only really put it down to them expressing themselves in a different way and giving the album it’s proper dues. Although it does make you wonder, what next? An album with a music video for the whole album!? Who knows…for now, 2 minutes of Dwele. Subscribe to his ‘Imagination!’