Duffy on The Roots & uptempo shift of new album ‘Endlessly’ (Video)

Top-selling Welsh singer Duffy recently sat for a chat with Spinner to talk about how she hooked up with The Roots for catchy single “Well, Well, Well” and her change in direction on new album, Endlessly, towards more uptempo pop and R&B influences than heard previously on her debut LP, Rockferry (2008).

“I was very conscious on this record to explore different sides of myself,” she says.

“Although I get commended on my songwriting skills, I just don’t want to be known as a songwriter — it reminds me of something too serious, too considered. And I’m not serious and considered, so I actually don’t know where these songs come from. I wake up one day and I put pen to paper and they kind of happen.”

Endlessly is out now via Universal Records; iTunes UK / US Amazon UK / US.