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“Hip Hop is still a young genre, we still haven’t seen anyone grow up in Hip Hop…”
(taken from Jay-Z’s Absolute Vodka Documentary: ‘NY-Z’)

Where much of Jigga’s statement is true, i.e. Hip Hop being a young genre, there are many artists that have more literally grown up in the genre; LL Cool J signed his first contract with Def Jam at the mere age of 16 and veteran duo Havoc and Prodigy, better known as Mobb Deep, released their debut at the age of 18, for example.

Over the years we have seen the children of famous music artists follow their parents into the music industry. Whilst we have seen Natalie Cole follow in her father Nat King Cole‘s footsteps, Lilly Allen follow in her father, singer/actor Keith Allen‘s footsteps, we haven’t yet seen whether the children of many of Hip Hop’s icons have inherited their parents’ talents.

With the obvious exception of Diggy Simmons, many second generation MCs haven’t released material that have had many Hip Hop fans thinking that the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree… until now.

Droop-E son of West Coast Hip Hop legend, E-40, recently released his debut solo EP entitled Blvck Diamond Life. Comprised of Droop’s distinctive chilled-out Bay Area rhymes over beautifully re-worked Sade samples – yes, Sade samples – BLVCK Diamond Life is a window into the young MC/producer’s life.

Produced entirely by Droop-E, this eight-track EP displays his keen ear as a producer, an ability to spit intricate rhymes and mostly importantly the understanding of when to take a back seat, and just let the beat ride.

Displaying a bit of Hip Hop bravado and wit on “Cherish The Bay” Droop spits, “…you ain’t the sh*t / you a terd / you a bowel movement / the same thing that can heal ya can kill ya / so down OD / when you speaking on me familiar…”.

Even though Droop-E spits some note worthy lines, the success of this E.P lies firmly in the production. Droop samples some of Sade’s most cherished songs and does them justice. On “I’m Loaded”, Droop-E flips a simple Sade voice sample, taken from in Sade’s heartfelt “War of The Hearts”, and uses it to give light to his infatuation with intoxication, i.e. weed. Where as on ‘Dreams’ he samples “I Will Be Your Friend” to create a beautifully chopped vocal instrumental that would sound like the backdrop to anyone’s favourite dream.

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