Dream Chasin’ with DJ Drama [Video]

Al Lindstrom recently chopped it up with DJ Drama and got the firsthand story behind Mr. Thanksgiving’s (or “Barack O’Drama,” “Dram Cruise,” “Mr. Game 7” or whatever nickname you choose) entrée into the DJ game, how he linked with former Aphilliates partner DJ Sense and the motivation behind his celebrated Gangsta Grillz brand of mixtapes.

After detailing working his first DJ gig as a ninth grader (“I got paid $40. I had one milk crate of records.“), Drama explained that his goal for Gangsta Grillz has always been to prove that Hip-Hop from the south was more than just “crunk.”

“I always felt like, lyrically and on the artistry side, crunk was so big that the South and Atlanta was gettin’ overlooked,” he says. “When I created that brand that’s how I envisioned it — being bigger than what people think is ‘south music.'”

Check out Part 1 of Drama and Al’s two-part chat below.

[Props: AL.com]