Drake x Funk Flex discuss Lil Wayne & Jay-Z’s war of words & more [Video]

Firstly, allow me to just say I absolutely love Hip Hop. Hip Hop music is usually the first thing I listen to in the morning and usually the last thing I listen to before I hit the sack. However… one of the (many) things that grinds my gears about my beloved Hip Hop is the fact that so many terms, sayings and phrases get over used and watered down. Case In Point: Not every disagreement in Hip Hop is “beef”. Think about it: Nas and Hov had beef, Common and Ice Cube had beef, errrr…Wayne and Jay? .

The more lyrical side of Hip Hop originated from cyphers where emcees would compete to see who had the better rhymes. Even Mr. Sean Carter himself said its “sport, that’s rap music… nothing is going to change but the participants”. Now with that being said, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne do NOT have beef. Its more of a war of words.

Which bring me nicely to the point of this post… On Thursday Drake made his return to to the legendary Funkmaster Flex Show for the first time since his infamous Blackberry “freestyle” error, to kick off the radio promo for his forthcoming LP, Take Care. Whilst there the T.O representative discussed host of different topics including Tunechi and Hovito’s recent “war of words”. Below is footage of the two discussing the situation… which once again IS NOT BEEF lol. Enjoy!

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