Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever” | New Music


This is how you lure someone in to pre-order your album, you give them a highly-anticipated track for free along with the order. “Wu-Tang Forever,” from Drake‘s anticipated third LP Nothing Was The Same, has kept everyone curious about how the song will sound or if there will be a Wu-Tang sample/guest verse/something on the track.

In the song, titled after Wu-Tang’s second studio album, Drake repeats “It’s yours,” which is a nod to Wu-Tang’s “It’s Yourz.” He even recites a line from Raekwon‘s verse, “machine gun rap for all my n—as in the back.” The single is more of a love song than a heavy ’90s lyrically-charged rap track. But hey, Drake does whatever he wants and whether you like it or not, he’ll have you singing his hook with just a few replays.

Listen: Drake – “Wu-Tang Forever”

Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” is now available as a free download when you pre-order the album on iTunesNothing Was The Same drops on September 24.