Drake speaks out about being sued over ‘Marvin’s Room’ [Video]

As previously reported on SoulCulture, Drake recently got into some legal trouble over his hit song “Marvin’s Room” as he was being sued by supposed ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee, who can be heard at the beginning of the song in the phone message. Drake has now spoken out about the situation.

During a visit with radio personality Tim Westwood, Drake let his true feelings out about what he thought about the case. When Westwood asked if he was hurt by a case being brought against him, Drake said it was “more surprising than anything,” before going on to say, “When someone tries to step in and take credit for something that’s not rightfully theirs it pains me a little bit.”

Although he tried to be a gentleman about the situation, his true feelings were hard to hide – especially considering what he’d been doing at his shows. Westwood let slip that on stage Drake was throwing his middle finger up at Lee. He bluntly said, “There’s a middle finger for her every night.”

It looks like this isn’t over just yet.

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