Drake receives ‘Best Rap Album’ GRAMMY award x proceeds to drink from it with OVO team

drake shots grammy
Back in February Drake was awarded the ‘Best Rap Album’ Grammy for his sophomore LP Take Care and now that the prestigious gong has finally made its way to the Canadian star, he celebrated its arrival by filling the Grammy with liquor (in a similar fashion to JAY Z) and encouraging his crew to drink shots out of it with him.

Coincidentally wearing a T-shirt with ‘Take Care’ written on it, Drizzy swiftly pours alcohol into his newly received award and after having a couple of shots himself, he then passes the Grammy around the room so that everyone else can have a turn, including his close friend and go-to producer, Noah “40” Shebib. The YMCMB rapper also reveals in the footage that he plans to keep his Grammy at his mum’s house, before taking a quick snap of it to send to her.

No doubt he will be aiming to have the same success with his upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same, which he recently announced will be released on 17 September.

Watch Drake and his crew take shots below.