Dr. Dre discusses Beats By Dre, Kendrick Lamar & taking a break from music [Video]

At the grand opening of Dr. Dre‘s Beats By Dre pop-up store in Soho, New York, on November 2nd 2011, the good folks over at FADER caught up with the legend himself to discuss the shop and all things music. During the brief but some what informative chat, Andre, amongst other things, spoke on what he sees Beats By Dre becoming in the future, his approach to sound, the quality of his company’s products and starting out as a studio sound engineer as a 15 year old teenager. 

Towards the tail end of the conversation Dre spoke on his work with Slim The Mobster, Kendrick Lamar and wanting to take a break from making music. #KissGoodByeToDetox

Watch… Dr. Dre x FADER Interview

Bonus… Sneak peek inside the Beats By Dre pop-up store courtesy of The Source

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