Donell Jones – The Lost Files (Album Review)

The Lost Files Cover

“I JUST TRY TO MAKE MUSIC THAT’S GONE LAST FOREVER…” Donell Jones says on his MySpace page.  Since 1996 the LaFace recording artist has been doing just that with songs such as ‘U Know What’s Up’ featuring Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes, ‘Shorty Got Her Eyes on Me’, ‘I’ll Go’ for the Love and Basketball soundtrack and ‘Put Me Down’ featuring Styles P.  Come to find out there is much more where that came from: in November of 2009 Donell Jones released his latest project entitled, The Lost Files.

The Lost Files is a collection of music that will last forever, that never got released over the years.  These are songs that are as old as 1996, yet they still sound relevant and capture the essence of that R&B sound that we all love.  This project consists of mostly, what I call, “baby makin’” ballads and a couple of mid-tempos to bob ya head to.

But I must say my favorite song on the album is definitely ‘Assville’.  It’s not too often us fellas will pick up another dudes album and blast it.  No, what we do is save these albums for when we have a special lady around.  But when we are riding in our cars we are playing Jay –Z, T.I., maybe some Talib Kweli, but never Trey Songs or Usher or any of those guys; they are for the ladies.  But I can definitely see my homies blasting ‘Assville’ – we love those big ole butts.  If no other Donell Jones song last forever, I’m positive that ‘Assville’ will.

The Lost Files is simply an appetizer to hold us over for the main course that will be release later in 2010.  It’s been four years since Journey of Gemini, So enjoy this great music as we anticipate another smash album with more R&B hits that will, potentially, last forever.

–Vaughan Jackson

The Lost Files is out now on Candyman Music Inc.

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