DJ Premier ‘Beats That Collected Dust, Vol. 2’ due January 18th

Another one to spend your Christmas money on – Next month world-renowned producer, deejay and co-founder of iconic Hip Hop duo Gang Starr, DJ Premier is set to release a second volume of rare and unheard instrumentals from the vault.

Titled Beats That Collected Dust, Volume 2, the compilation is due for release on January 18, 2011 through his own label Year Round Records.

Beats That Collected Dust, Volume 2 Tracklisting:

1. John T
2. Ch-Ching
3. Dots
4. Doomp Doomp Doomp
5. Stylesss
6. Epic-ishh
7. Beautiful
8. Change
9. Live Pro
10. I Don’t Know
11. Late Night
12. N.Y.S.O.M. #20

[via HipHopDX]