DJ Khaled – ‘Kiss The Ring’ Promo Tour Vlog #1 [Video]

DJ Khaled — the absolute most talkative man in Hip-Hop — is rolling hard towards the release of his sixth album Kiss The Ring, and now that we’re less than a week away from the official date, Mr. We The Best premieres the first installment of the videotaped chronicles of his promo tour.

And when it comes to “promo,” very few do it like Khaled. Love him or hate him, the fact is that nobody in rap can put names together on a track like Miami’s favorite Palestinian DJ. The dude gets love ’cause he shows love and remains positive, even in the face of near-tragedy.

Part 1 of the tour blog follows Khaled through his Atlanta stop, peeking in on his multiple radio stops, his mingling with fellow DJs like Tony Neal and DJ Infamous and, of course, a whole gang of verbal encouragement for you to get up go buy the album when it drops August 21st.

You can get ahead of the rush by preordering the joint here.

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