DJ Khaled discusses tour bus explosion [Video]

DJ Khaled may have always known he’d blow up, but this probably isn’t what he had in mind. The We The Best CEO’s tour bus caught fire and exploded while en route to a show at Universal Studios late last week, but the ever-positive Khaled contends in his latest vlog that not even the loss of time and property (“I lost everything — $500,000 worth of jewelry, million dollar bus, ALL my clothes…“) can deter him from reaching the pinnacle he has in his sights.

“This shit’s real,” an impassioned Khaled says in the video. “I’m supposed to be stretched out, layin’ on the floor stressed the fuck out but I’m not gon’ be stressed out. I’ma go even harder. And I’ma keep makin’ more music. I’ma keep doin’ what I do. Be the best executive, mogul — all that shit in one. I’ma keep winnin’!”

Khaled is also seen on the phone, with the burning remains of his bus in the distance, imploring whoever’s on the other end not to cancel any shows, promising that he’ll “find a way” to make his commitments.

Whether you love or hate Khaled, the guy’s continued passion for his job and refusal to be deterred by setbacks is certainly deserving of some serious props. Thankfully, no one was injured in the explosion and Khaled’s team is still intact and able to continue chasing the history they seek.

Check out what “might be the realest blog” ever below.

[Props: KC]

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