DJ Flash Presents: The Best Of Phonte [Mixtape] | Free Download

In celebration of the release of PhonTiggalo‘s debut solo album, Charity Starts At Home [read our review here], DJ Flash of Violator All-Star DJs put together this incredible 70-track mixtape of nothing but pure Phonte dopeness.

The tape, a must download for all Little Brother/Foreign Exchange [including myself], includes a few rare Tiggalo verses on a few rare gems such as his verse from Brand New Heavies‘ “Sex God” Remix. Peep the full tracklist and the download link to this 70 track, 78 minute brilliant mixtape…

The Phonte mixtape to end all Phonte mixtapes. 70 tracks, 78 minutes, covering the past 10 years of my career all mixed and selected by DJ Flash. For those who need a Phonte crash course, start here. Thank you for listening. And if you’re a long time fan, thank you for re-listening. – Phonte

Download: DJ Flash Presents: The Best Of Phonte (Mixtape)

[Spotted @ TheRapUp]