Dizzy Wright – “Killem Wit Kindness” x “Still Movin” | Music Video


Since the release of the XXL Freshamn Class 2013, Dizzy Wright has been catapulted into the spotlight as he made the list as the people’s champion.

In light of his name being on people’s radar more now, the young rapper takes the oppurtunity to release the visuals for his new songs “Killem Wit Kindness” and “Still Movin”.

The Las Vegas-hailing rapper delivers an uplifting message on “Killem Wit Kindness” produced by AF $upreme and you can watch the accompanying visuals below…

For the video for “Still Movin” he swaps between a crisp, white and blue studio joined by his friends before heading out to streets and alleyways decorated with graffiti while he spits with his smooth flow about people trying to hold him back, but he keeps it moving – all of which seems to be paying off with his fans as they voted for him to make the XXL Freshman list.