Devine Carama – f/ Deacon The Villian – “Voices From The Grave” | New Music


Having already inspired listeners via the beautiful “Stars”, Devine Carama returns with something a tad more personal titled “Voices From The Grave”.

Touching upon the recent rise in violence displayed all over the United States, Carama’s lyrical content references to the Boston bombings, the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting, as well as shootings that have taken place in his own city of Kentucky. Using his music to promote gun control, Carama also finds himself talking to the dead who have suffered at the hands of one of the above mentioned tragedies.

Making a statement, Carama explains, “My hometown has been hit with a rash of recent violence, along with the rest of the country it seems. Everybody gets so wrapped up in the issues (gun control) and the cause (stop the violence), which is great, but often times the victims are forgotten. This song is dedicated to those that lost their lives too soon and the responsibility we all have to have a positive impact on the youth so we can save more lives.”

Featuring Deacon The Villian of CunninLynguists, “Voices From The Grave” will feature on Devine Carama’s upcoming free album No Child Left Behind. Until then listen to the track in all its glory below.