Devante Swing (Formerly of Jodeci) Arrested After Trashing Restaurant (Video)


Former ’90s R&B heartthrob Devante Swing [of Jodeci] was arrested for drunken behavior at a Subway restaurant in California last weekend.

According to TMZ, and what is also evident in the sercurity footage below, Devante Swing [real name Donald DeGrate Jr] was arrested as a result of being drunk and disorderly which lead to him crashing into tables and falling on the floor. Even though Devante was arrested for being drunk in public, he was not charged and was later released.

*Sighs* To be honest, I found it really hard to watch this footage, I was even wondering whether to blog it or not. It’s such a shame to see those whom I considered to be greats fall so hard. Such is life I guess, Devante (as well as both K-Ci and JoJo) is a human being and so is obviously susceptible to the same struggles as everyone else. What a shame… Below is a recent picture of him.

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