Destiny’s Child rumoured to reunite after Beyoncé ‘4’ album leak

It’s hard to believe anyone getting nervous over how a Beyoncé album might perform but that’s exactly what’s going on over at Columbia Records. The Bootylicious one’s latest album 4 leaked on the web in its entirety this month – but to less than stellar reviews.

According to rumours and reports, the label are trying to convince R&B girl group Destiny’s Child to reform to make up for any revenue lost through album sales.

The group split up in 2005 after nine years together and a whole load of lineup changes. They all embarked on solo ventures with Beyoncé being the most successful with 85 million records sold worldwide and 16 Grammy Awards lined up on her mantelpiece.

Honestly, with records like that, it’s comical that her label have started to panic, especially since the album is timed for UK release the day after her sure-to-be spectacular appearance at Glastonbury.

All considered, a DC reunion would be a lovely treat to all fans and an interesting study in terms of group dynamic considering Kelly Rowland‘s ever- growing profile.