Deniro Farrar x Flosstradamus – ‘Look At The Sky’ | New Music

Remember I told you about Deniro Farrar‘s collaboration with Flosstradamus? Keeping his word, the emcee takes off from his native North Carolina and rides majestically through the blogosphere to gift “Look At The Sky”, in what I imagine to be some Biblical Three Wise Men-like scene. And you can bet your frankincense and myrrh that this right here is the gold.

Floating in the ethereal soundspace crafted by the Chi-Town architects are Deniro’s quintessentially slurred bars, echoing through the tunneling synths and ambient melody to literally give the sensation that you’re “looking at the sky”… from space.

The track was premiered on BBC Radio 1’s >Diplo & Friends show on Saturday night (so you know it’s real). It looks like Flosstradamus and Farrar have a collaborative EP in the works, so feel free to join me in frequent episodes of excitement.

Listen: Deniro Farrar x Flosstradamus – ‘Look At The Sky’


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