Dela & Blu – “Lucy’s&LooseLeafs” | New Music

Something new from French producer Dela‘s forthcoming album Translation Lost which is released digitally today (the CD and vinyl release will follow in May).

“Lucy’s&LooseLeafs” features the Left Coast wordsmith Blu who also features on “WhatUWanna” from Dela’s sophomore LP release.

Made this one around Feb 09 too. I had actually sent another beat to Blu (that I later reworked & used for a “I Will” remix). He wrote to it but on second thought he was like naah I don’t know about this one. So I sent another beat and he sent back the recorded joint a few hours later. Initially it was one long verse, but I HAD to add another hook right in the middle because I thought it sounded so dope. I couldn’t find the right spot to cut the verse so ended up doing it cassettewalkmanwithnomorebatteries style.- Dela

Listen x Purchase: Dela & Blu – “Lucy’s&LooseLeafs”

Translation Lost is available to buy on BandCamp now.

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