Def Sound – ‘#NoSandusky’ | New Music

Earlier this year, New York-based singer Lana Del Rey took the world by storm with her deep voice, cool concepts and sophomore album Born To Die. In June, production team Flosstradamus created a pretty cool interpretation of Born To Die‘s “Video Games” and called it “Lana’s Theme.”

Using that as background, Los Angeles-bred musician Def Sound creates his own version of the Flosstradamus update in the form of “#NoSandusky.”

Sound, who recently released his highly-anticipated album Anything: Thee.Idea.Machine, wanted to create his own version of “Lana’s Theme,” as he believes it’s one of the best beats of the year.

For the song, Sound creates cool concepts once again with catchy lyrics like, “they call me, def without ears/ fly without leers/ in class without peers/ this year killed every song I met/ spot less mind let me clean my mess/ master chef food for thought/ can’t digest/ oh my god, oh my lord, kumbyah.”

Make sure to download/stream Def Sound’s “#NoSandusky” below, and if you haven’t yet, make sure you buy Anything: Thee.Idea.Machine here.

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