Death Grips – NO LOVE DEEP WEB | Album Stream/Download

Hip hop is getting weirder by the day. Sacramento outfit Death Grips are up there with the weirdest. The experimental group became bloggers’ darlings last year after releasing their anarchic mixtape Exmilitary in 2011, accompanied by this crazy video. They labelled their music as “intense, avant hip hop.” Everyone could agree that it was intense. A year on from the original rise of Odd Future and Lil B however, they continue to make an impression with their music.

This April, Death Grips released an album entitled The Money Store on Epic Records, which by all accounts,was a raw and angry affair. Now, they’re back with another free project, one which wasn’t supposed to be released with their label until next year, but which they have seem to have gone ahead with and dropped anyway.

The album, presented to us in Lil B-style BASED GOD CAPSLOCKS is entitled NO LOVE DEEP WEB.  Have a listen below and if you like what you’re hearing, download it here. Then come back and tell me what the title means.


1. Come up and get me
2. Lil boy
3. No Love
4. Black dice
5. World of Dogs
6. Lock your doors
7. Whammy
8. Hunger Games
9. Deep Web
10. Stockton
11. Pop
12. Bass rattle stars out the sky
13. Artificial death in the West