Deadpool Video Game Trailer | Geek Alert

Marvel’s mighty mercenary and favourite foul-mouthed anti-hero Deadpool recently graced Comic-Con with his presence, finally, after oh so many years, rewarding eager fans keen for an R-Rated film or gaming rendition of the sword-wielding bad ass with a surprise announcement trailer.

Watch below as the talkative “Merc with a Mouth” breaks the fourth wall once more, informing the world of his latest venture, telling Wolverine to “suck it” in the process. Initially portrayed as a villain, the disfigured character is known for his cursing ways and slick quips. Dude is also crazy.

With Marvel entering Phase 2 of its world domination plans, Deadpool lovers will be pleased to hear the big guy’s making a comeback of his own. High Moon Studios, the people behind Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron, will be producing an all new, presumably Rated-R gaming experience for all to indulge in.

Watch the Announcement Trailer as the masked Weapon X product lets Wolverine know exactly how he feels, in typically impenitent style.