Dead Prez on if they’re pro-black or racist, Oprah, Obama and more (Video)

Just over 10 years since Dead Prez‘s cult classic debut album ‘Let’s Get Free’, America has a black president, Oprah is the richest woman, both Will & Jada and Beyonce & Jay-Z are powerful couples, but the revolutionary rappers don’t think much has changed for blacks in America. “In order to create this idea that you can succeed, the marker stick is measured by your ability to unite and create wealth for capitalism and white power… I think that is another fallacy,” says M-1.

The duo distinguish between being pro-black and racist (“Racism is an idea that was built out of white power,” – M-1), and that they’d get a deal in hip-hop’s current climate: “I think we are more relevant now than when we were when we began” – M-1.