DC Comics to debut first Arab-American Green Lantern | Geek News

DC Comics has revealed that the latest addition to the cadre of universe-patrolling superheroes known as the Green Lantern corps will be an Arab-American.

A character named Baz will debut in Green Lantern #0, becoming not only the first Green Lantern of Arab decent but also what is believed to be the first major character in any superhero comic of that nationality.

The move was confirmed by Baz’s creator and DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who will be appearing in a series of events celebrating the landmark change next month in Detroit. Johns, who is of Lebanese decent, will also be writing the entire Baz series.

This is just the latest in the comic house’s efforts to diversify its hero core. Back in June, Alan Scott, the first character to ever carry the Green Lantern moniker, was relaunched as a gay man in DC’s graphic novel series Earth 2.

Whether Baz will be a permanent fixture in the corps of green-ringed planetary guardians is yet to be determined. Green Lantern #0 hits shelves September 5.

[Props: Complex/FreeP]