David Beckham and Guy Ritchie join forces for new H&M commercial | Style


H&M isn’t even trying to be coy about their collaboration with global sports star David Beckham, as they are showing off every inch of his body in their new commercial, to the delight of his many female admirers while probably simultaneously pissing off most of the viewing males. In this short movie clip, we get to see Beckham being left out in the cold, literally running around in his underwear.

The commercial was shot by British movie director Guy Ritchie – responsible for movies Snatch and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrells – who keeps the advert action packed by putting Beckham through his paces. The movie clip begins with the soccer star being locked out of his house in just his underwear as his bathrobe gets trapped in his wife’s car door. As he chases after the car running through bushes, gardens, and even a swimming pool, he loses more clothing items for our pleasure.

Check out the hot commercial below. Thank us later, ladies.