Das Racist sign one-album deal with Sony | Music News

While the indie route has served Queens-based rap trio Das Racist well, with releases like Shut Up, Dude, Sit Down, Man and last year’s Relax LP contributing largely to their current success, Heems, Kool A.D. and Dapwell will be taking their unique talents to the big leagues next year, having signed a one-album deal with Sony.

Das Racist fans need not worry about any notions of “selling-out” however. The deal comes as a joint partnership with Metal-orientated label, Megaforce, and their current backing of Greedhead. With impressive projects out this year from both Heems and Kool, namely Nehru Jackets and 51, respectively, we can probably expect some more solo material from the emcees before the crew’s sophomore album arrives in 2013.

Read the Twitter announcement below.

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