Das Racist perform “Michael Jackson” for Conan O’Brien | TV Catch Up

Since the release of their first body of work Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell EP, Brooklyn based Hip Hop trio Das Racist have received masses of critical acclaim from many of the most respected tastemakers in the industry, hailing them as a breathe of fresh air in today’s Hip Hop scene. The acclaim continued with the release of group’s first official album Relax, which debuted at number one on the U.S Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart and number 12 on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart.

Continuing to blaze their refreshing trail, the emcees made their way to Warner Bros. Burbank, California based studios for their first ever TV appearance to perform their single “Michael Jackson,” on Conan. What ensued after host Conan O’Brien introduced the trio is probably the weirdest live TV performance I have seen in a very longtime… somewhere along the lines of Odd Future‘s U.S TV debut on Jimmy Fallon but with a little less aggression and a little more acid thrown into the mix. Even though the song is called “Michael Jackson,” I was a little weirded out by the Jacko impersonator.

I doubt this will do for them what Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beat‘s Jimmy Fallon performance did for Odd Future but it should wake a few people up to them and their music.

Purchase Das Racist’s Relax via iTunes UK / iTunes US.

Bonus: Watch the full show below, also featuring guests Jason Segel and Shaun-T.

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