Danny! – “Long Time Comin'” | New Music

Normally, if you get co-signed by popular rappers it means your mug is about to be plastered all over magazines, blogs and TMZ (but you wish it wasn’t on TMZ). With props from two of the most respected opinions in hip-hop, that of Jay-Z and The Roots drummer ?uestlove, under his belt, Danny! seems to be the unfortunate broken link in that common formula.

His hype hasn’t towered to the heights of an Action Bronson or Danny Brown just yet, and his seventh (yes, seventh) LP Payback is facing an ever-impending release through Interscope, which gives the South Carolina-repping rhymer all the excuse he needs to release “Long Time Comin'” – an organ-heavy number that serves as somewhat of a PSA for Danny!.

The song will be included as a bonus cut on the Japanese version of Payback, which is coming soon (we hope).

“I finally got them coveted co-signs, ya happy?”

Listen: Danny! – “Long Time Comin'”