Damien Rice covers “One” for Q Magazine’s U2 tribute album | New Music

As part of their tribute album to the classic album Atchung Baby from legendary rock band U2 to mark 21 years of it’s release, Q Magazine called on Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice to cover the timeless classic that is “One.” The outcome is as to be expected – a brilliant acoustic rendition of “One” (fitting for any coffee shop in the world I might add) and a proper tribute from the Irish man to the legendary Irish band; listen below. The album will be included for free as part of Q Magazine’s December issue which hits stands on October 25. It includes the previously released exceptional cover of “Love Is Blind” by Jack White and covers from Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and The Fray.

Damien Rice – “One” (U2 cover):