Dame Dash x Just Blaze reunite on Combat Jack Show after 10 year feud [Audio]


Having reportedly not spoken to each other in 10 years, former Rocafella Records CEO Dame Dash and producer Just Blaze found themselves in the same booth this week on the Combat Jack Show for an on-air interview.

Whenever Dame Dash is involved you know that humour and intriguing opinions are never too far away. With things starting off cool and calm, the second Dash accuses Just of wearing a fake football jersey and rhinestone belt buckle an array of droll comments are made and Just is left defending himself to the death. “Don’t even start on that,” Just says when Dame mentions the jerseys. With Combat Jack and his team laughing and wanting to hear the story, Just is left to fight for himself. Raising his voice Just says, “It was one time.” Which at this point Dame interjects and says, “Yeah. One time too many.”

Just even goes on to claim that Dame created an unappreciated nickname for the talented producer – “It got to a point where you started calling me Just ‘Disrespectful’ Blaze.”

Comically amusing, the entire interview is an intriguing one. With questions answered about whether or not the Rocafella fall out was down to inside disagreements leading to Dame being kicked out, Dame claims, “When I walked away from it, it looked as if I got kicked out of it but nobody was kicking me out of it. I was gone. I was already doing Rachel Ross and other things that were completely in fashion. It [wasn’t] the party I [wanted] to be at.”

Admitting that his heart wasn’t always in the music industry, Dame adds, “I’m more artistic than people would understand. The music business for me was just an artistic expression for that period in my life. It didn’t define me. It was just something I did well.”

Discussing their previous disagreements and hashing them out, other subjects discussed included whether or not Dame Dash is broke, rekindling his friendship with Jay-Z, and the death of his former girlfriend Aaliyah.

Hilariously tense, the two hour interview can be heard below.