Daley – “More Than A Woman” (Calvin Richardson cover) [Video]

When I was younger and internet content wasn’t this obscenely aflood with musical goodness [and badness] to trawl through, I’d happily devote hours hunting through every. single. song. in the back-catalogue of artists who pique my interest. Much less so now – there are only so many hours in the day. But having become enamoured with Manchester bred singer/songwriter Daley‘s voice this year, it’s with [probably wildly disproportionate] joy that I stumbled across this…

A live, minimalistic cover version of North Carolina R&B singer Calvin Richardson‘s passionately sentimental 2002 single “More Than A Woman” [first released as a duet with the ever soulful Angie Stone for her Mahogany Soul LP and then featured solo on the Deliver Us From Eva film soundtrack].

Like slipping into a hot bubble bath after a long day, I’ve always loved this song – and I now love Daley’s version in a completely different way. Filmed and recorded for the BBC’s Introducing series a couple of years back, kick your day off with some love appreciation.