Curren$y’s ‘Pilot Talk II’ Album Artwork: A Flash Of Brilliance


Don’t you remember (way back) when artists used to care about the entire look of their project? Don’t you remember the days when you could buy an album and immerse yourself in the creative and artistic brilliance of an album booklet (totally forgetting that you had a new album to listen to)? Huh!?

I do… Most of today’s ‘youths’? Not so much…

You see half of the reason why I started buying albums was because of the artwork. Back when I first started buying albums, and even today, I would set aside the CD for a good few minutes so I could look through the booklet, in awe of it’s artwork and read through the liner notes. Those were the days.

Don’t get me wrong – there have been a few recent flashes of brilliance over the last year for the likes of Freeway, TY and El-P – and now this, the artwork for Curren$y‘s Pilot Talk II, can be ranked among them.

Illustrated by David Evan Barnett, who also designed the artwork for Pilot Talk, this cover will, not only please those who still purchase physical albums but I’m sure, will also entice many others, who would ‘normally’ purchase digital albums, into feeling that they are missing out on something special.

Curren$y and David Evan Barnett… I salute you.

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