Curren$y: Don’t Forget Dame Dash’s Place In History

Shante “Curren$y” Franklin talks to Complex about his journey, working with Rick Ross and why his good friend Wiz Khalifa wasn’t on his new album, Pilot Talk – out now on Bluroc Records. The excerpts below details how he came to know Damon Dash and sport the Rocafella chain:

Complex: So how did you and Dame Dash actually link up?

Curren$y: He called me because someone he knew had my number and he had asked his nephew and his son who he should fuck with if he was gonna try and make a comeback in this music shit, and they told him to try and find me. While they were telling him that, someone in the room just happened to have my number and he called me and told me he was working on the Blakroc project and I came out to check that shit out and get on Blakroc 2—and just from gettin’ on Blakroc 2, we formed a friendship and it’s been straight since.

Complex: A lot of people were surprised to see you sporting the Roc-A-Fella chain. Whose idea was that?

Curren$y: That was a collective idea. I know a lot of people were wondering what that was about when he gave me that chain. I was runnin’ with the chain because I didn’t want nobody to forget what he had done as far as what people remember when you say that name: what you associate with it and all the good that went with it. To not forget what my dude did and not write him out of his place in history because they tried to fuckin’ murder him in every book and magazine you picked up for the past two or three years. It’s more of a feeling than an idea because the label is BlueRoc and JETS International.

Complex: So there was a bit of confusion then when people heard the album would be released through Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam.

Curren$y: Yeah, It’s BlueRoc.

Complex: But it’s still being distributed by Def Jam.

Curren$y: Yeah, we got a P and D [pressing and distribution] deal.

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