Crouching Tiger: J. Cole Interview with Hardknock TV

“It’s everything that I wanted, without even knowing that I wanted it.”

Speaking to Nick Huff Barili of HardKnockTV, ferocious Roc Nation emcee J. Cole talks about the “beautiful experience” of making his first single, “Who Dat” and the stylistic void he’s here to fill in Hip Hop.  He refutes the comparison of XXL’s Freshmen list to a football team, commenting, “It’s so individualistic, nobody’s helping each other, it’s more like golf or tennis – we all exist in the same field but it’s an individual sport. I have to go out there and do me.”

In part two, Cole talks about getting the timing right for his album’s release, whether he foresees making any more mixtapes before his album drops, why he likes to spend time talking to fans and the learning experience of touring solo compared to previous tours alongside more established artists such as Jay-Z and Wale:

“There’s enough room for everybody to co-exist.”

Photograph by Rameen Gasery for SoulCulture.

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