Creative Dialogue: Erykah Badu Interview With Billboard

“Music is the fifth element.”

Ms Erykah Badu chats to Billboard about her passion for performing live (“That’s what I do it for… It’s my therapy”), her hands-on involvement in directing all her videos, and music as a platform for honesty, self-expression and creation – going on to explain the thinking behind her controversial nudity and apparent assassination in the video for “Window Seat,” from recent album Nu Amerykah Part II: Return Of The Ankh.

“As a performance artist I like to creative dialogue about the art. It’s all about the art. It’s very important to me to use the platform to be honest and to be creative at the same time.”

On The “Window Seat” Video
“I did a very shocking thing to create a dialogue about something that meant a lot to me. ‘Groupthink’ was the phrase – a term – that I was trying to bring into focus, it is a term coined by Irving Janice in 1972… Generally after you’ve shed all the things that you’ve learned and people tell you are real and people tell you you are, you’re nude and vulnerable to assassination, and that’s what the video is about.

“You don’t have to agree with it. If you don’t agree with it you don’t have to remain silent about it; you can complain about it, you can tell the police, you can make your own video. But there are where your rights stop: you don’t have the right to censor art in any way.”

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