Converse adds new designs to Gorillaz Collection | Style

Back in November we brought you news of the special edition collaboration between shoe company Converse and cartoonish music outfit Gorillaz, and now we’re back to give you the freshest designs to come from the partnership. What was once thought to be a one-off has blossomed into a budding relationship, much to the joy of consumers who like classic shoes with a slight twist.

Although obviously successful, the first design played it safe with an all-over camo print just to test the water, but there will be no such safe zone this time around. Consisting largely of hi-top Chuck Taylors, the host of new concepts range from more simplistic sketches of Gorillaz band members on a white canvas all the way to more outlandish characters, bolder lines and more use of colour and insignias.

This entire Autumn collection is available online now on the Converse website.

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