Common says Drake beef is over: “It was all in the art of Hip Hop” | Music News

And the most pitifully lit fire/beef/squabble to have surfaced in recent months has managed to extinguish itself. Following Common dissing Drizzy Drake on his version of Rick Ross‘ “Stay Schemin” – and Drake staying quiet on the matter, simply commenting that the diss was a “ploy for attention” – Common followed suit when speaking to Fuse in a pre-Grammy interview.

“It was all in the art of Hip Hop,” Common said. “It’s kind of over now. It’s over, but it’s all in the art of Hip Hop. He said some things to me, so I had to say some things back.”

When questioned on if that meant he believed Drake to have started it he responded, “I wouldn’t say started it, I don’t know, but I heard something that was said that I felt like it was directed to me, so I addressed it. That’s all. But, I mean, thank God we were able to move forward from it and all is good.”

As long as it’s over, we don’t care who started it.

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