Common responds to Chris Rock’s comments about movies killing rap careers [Video]

During a recent visit to Shade 45’s Sway In the Morning show, actor and comedian Chris Rock gave his opinion on the effect acting potentially has on the quality of a rapper’s music, stating that one process negatively impacts the other. One of the names that came up during the chat was Common, and the Chicago legend weighed in on Rock’s stance during his own visit to the show.

When it comes to MCs attempting to simultaneously work on films and albums, Rock basically called the practice career suicide.

“Movies have killed more rap careers than bullets,” he said. He gave props to Common and Ludacris, calling them both “great,” but with the caveat that “it’s hard to be great on the side.”

“If you’re tryin’ to squeeze in your record while you’re doing a movie, it’s not gon’ be a banger,” he added.

When asked his opinion on Rock’s sentiment, Com surprisingly agreed — but also said that he’s able to zero in on the musical task at hand, even in the midst of filming.

“I really think he has a point. … A lotta times when you’re doing a lot of things you can’t give it the proper attention,” he said, before adding, “I know how to kinda focus and get in on the MCing thing and I just love it so I’ma keep wanting to be the best at it.”

Listen to Common’s full response below.

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