Common breaks down “Blue Sky” from The Dreamer, The Believer album [Video]

Were back with Common and the good folk at OkayPlayer, this time with the Chi-town rapper giving us a break down on the third track off his The Dreamer, The Believer album, “Blue Sky.”

When Common explains the reasoning behind this track and how he looks to the sky for motivation, he is so inspiring. This is all due to No I.D.‘s beat (an interpolation of the prog-rock band ELO to those who know) inspiring him to visualize his ambitions. Watch below as Common breaks down the creative process.

In case you missed it, check out the previous break down for “Ghetto Dreams” featuring Nas here.

The Dreamer, The Believer is in stores on December 20th but you can pre-order it on iTunes and get an instant download of Common’s single “Sweet.”

[via okayplayer]