Colin Munroe – “Bulletproof Monster” (La Roux X Nicki Minaj Revox)

Crafting the second installment of his Revox Suite by wielding together Nicki Minaj and Kanye West with La Roux on “‘Bulletproof Monster’ was, “a challenging experiment,” says Canadian singer/songwriter Colin Munroe.

“The acapella of Nicki Minaj‘s verse from ‘Monster‘ is in a vault somewhere so I was forced to use it with Kanye‘s beat underneath, which made adding new vocals tricky. I also had to digitally alter La Roux‘s ‘Bulletproof‘ melody to make it fit the ‘Monster’ beat.

“Add my revox to that and it feels like I’ve created a musical Frankenstein. Fitting, I think.
“Enjoy this Bulletproof Monster.”

Download your free copy of “Bulletproof Monster” here.