ColdPlay unveil Mylo Xyloto tracklist | Music News

Chris Martin and co have showed the peoples what their upcoming album is going to consist of…well, the names at least.
Mylo Xyloto will be with us on October 25th, so to tide you over until then and get a little idea of what your ears will be treated to, ColdPlay released the album track list via their Twitter account. Obviously, when you take a look below, you’ll probably be familiar with a few of the names seeing as they’ve already been released or debuted live. However, let’s be real, it’s not going to stop you from buying the album, is it?

Thought not… full tracklisting below:

1. Mylo Xyloto
2. Hurts Like Heaven
3. Paradise
4. Charlie Brown
5. Us Against The World
6. M.M.I.X.
7. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
8. Major Minus
9. U.F.O.
10. Princess Of China
11. Up In Flames
12. A Hopeful Transmission
13. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
14. Up With The Birds

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