Cody ChesnuTT – “Under The Spell Of The Handout” | New Music

Well, it’s been a while since I heard newness from Cody ChesnuTT, but Lord am I happy to hear something, ANYTHING, from this guy.

Since his Black Skin No Value EP, it’s been quiet from the very distinctive artist, however, when I was sent this from a friend who is equally as desperate for another full length project from Mr. ‘nuTT as I am, I was of course happy to turn up the speakers and listen to what Cody had for me.

“Under The Spell Of The Handout” is musically not unsimilar from his work on The Headphone Masterpiece, however the production is more polished, yet still retains the grit that made the lo-fi release a cult classic. Yet again, Cody has some socio-political ramblings to get off his chest, partially over some driving rock and roll and partially over a nice little Marvin Gaye-esque groove.

Press play below and get a free download while you’re at it.

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