Cody ChesnuTT – “That’s Still Mama” | New Music‏

It’s been a while since he blessed us with his soulful voice, but Cody ChesnuTT is back with this leak from his forthcoming album Landing On A Hundred which is set for release this fall.

From the instant the play button is pressed we are greeted by flamboyant brass instruments to mark the return of the powerful yet lustruous voice we haven’t heard for so long. The orthodox drum rolls, lively brass, subtle guitar and harmonious back-up vocals provide all the essential ingredients for Cody ChesnuTT‘s voice to shine over to create this piece of neo-soul perfection.

The forthcoming album has a set release date of October only under the provision that Cody’s Kickstarter fund accumulates the $20,000 required to release the body of work. Investors in the movement will recieve freebies, though most would agree that the album alone is incentive enough.

Support Cody ChesnuTT‘s Kickstarter fund here.

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