Clemm Rishad – ‘The Beginning’ | New Music

Best known for co-writing Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Fly” and for his work with Jason Derulo as part of the writing and production team Writers Block, hip-hop artist Clemm Rishad is already a Grammy-nominated and platinum-certified songwriter.

“Being a songwriter has really taught me how to think outside of the box and I’ve been able to incorporate that into my own material, mixing it in with what I already do,” Rishad says in his bio. “Being signed as a writer to Beluga Heights and J.R. Rotem, has helped me format my music differently at times and always has me thinking about how to make great songs with strong hooks.”

Stepping out of the shadows of the group, Rishad went to release two projects — Image of Me and Close Your Eyes and See — and is now gearing up to release his new project, The Beginning. For the project, Rishad is asking his fanbase to help him on his adventure by launching an interactive campaign called “Journey to the Beginning” that will allow fans to participate in the designing of his career.  

Today, Rishad releases the album’s title track and lead single. Listen to the stream below, and keep your ears/eyes open for The Beginning.