City Boy (aka Bradley formerly of S CLUB 7) flips Drake’s “Headlines” | New Music

Bradley McIntosh former member of the highly annoying late ’90s child favorite group S Club 7 (now member of the part time pub and club touring trio S Club 3I couldn’t make that up even if I tried) is back somewhat unofficially with a his own interpretation of Drake‘s hit single “Headlines.”

Bradley, whom in recent years fell into the realms of music industry obscurity, shot to fame as a member of the Simon Fuller-manufactured group via a kiddie BBC television series entitled Miami 7. The child sitcom was centered around the lives of all seven members of the group who in search of fame and fortune decided to take a leap of faith by moving to Miami. Due to the early manufactured “success” of the series, the group would then go on to achieve four UK No.1 singles, one UK No.1 album, selling over 17 million records worldwide.

Brad, who now goes by the name of City Boy [once again… I couldn’t make that up even if I tried] has apparently spent the last few years writing and producing songs for MOBO Award winning Pop/R&B group JLS. **Searching the Internets for writing credits**

Looking to finally make a solo name for himself, City Boy took to his SoundCcoud page a last month and uploaded his take on Drake’s “headline” heat rock off Drizzy recently released LP Take Care. To be honest, its not that great but… it not that bad either. I have heard worse takes on the track by a ton established artists. What annoys me the most… [drum rolls please] the annoying British-come-American accent and the his use of Autotune. I mean come on Brad! You can tell that he has a genuine talent but unfortunately nothing really sticks out [Pause]. I guess we’ll have to wait for Brad to release some original material to really grasp an understanding of where he is with his music.

Listen: Bradley McIntosh (a.k.a. City Boy) – “Headlines”

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